Intelligent cosmetic mirror saddle leather decorative sintered stone top cosmetic table
Panel:   6mm rock plate; Cabinet body:  E1 grade MDF pasted with straight grain red oak skin; Drawer:  perimeter pine, bottom triamine board; Feet:  made of iron and made of gold; Hemming fabric:  saddle leather Dimension (inch) Length, width and height:...
Sintered Stone-topped Vanity storage cabinet integrated with lamp
Face plate:  rock plate;  Cabinet body:  E1 MDF; Drawer:  pine wood around the drawer, bottom pulling: melamine board; Tripod:  carbon steel Dimension Length, width and height: 39.3 * 17.7 * 31.8;The panel is 29.9 above the ground,Drawer inner space 16.1...
Light luxury style large space storage Sintered Stone-topped dressing table
Mirror:  LED high-definition beauty mirror;  Face plate:  rock plate; Cabinet body:  water-based piano paint baking panel + E1 MDF board pasted with red oak; Drawer:  the drawer is surrounded by pine wood, and the bottom triamine board is drawn; Foot...
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