Sintered top 9 lockers, tempered glass doors sideboard
Panel:  6mm rock plate; Cabinet body:  thick E1 MDF with white paint; Drawer:  perimeter pine, bottom triamine board; Feet:  made of iron and made of gold; Glass:  tempered glass; Dimension(inch) Length, width and height: 62.9 * 15.7 * 31.4;There are...
Sintered top saddle leather tempered glass with 8 lockers sideboard
Panel:  6mm rock plate; Cabinet body:  E1 grade MDF pasted with straight grain red oak skin; Drawer:  draw surface saddle leather decoration, perimeter pine, draw bottom triamine board; Feet:   made of iron and made of gold; Hemming fabric:  saddle leather;...
Sintering top paint baking cabinet intelligent LED SIDEBOARD CABINET
Panel:  rock slab  Cabinet body:  E1 grade MDF, tempered glass; Drawer:  the drawer is made of pine around the edge, and the bottom is made of triamine board Feet:  rubber wood + metal sleeve Dimension(inch) Length, width and height 62.9...
The sintered stone top contains 8 storage cabinets and pine frame sideboard
[2 drawers and 4 doors for storage] the tan tempered glass door allows you to see the items clearly, which helps you find the items easily. Two spacious drawers can put tableware, napkins or other necessities in order. [environmental protection...
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