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"Gone are the days when television sets were used to be put inside wooden boxes or on heavy four-legged tables. In today’s time, when interior design trends are changing every other day, TV stands holding sleek, slim TV screens have transformed the living rooms and drawing rooms into full-fledged home theatres."

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Now people have valid concerns like:

Should a TV stand match with the other furniture pieces in the room? Are there any other things to be considered besides matching? How to best compliment a modern TV stand design with your interior decor?

This Modern TV Stand Guide caters to all your concerns and a lot more.

To get more insights, read till the end.

Where to Buy TV Stands?


The concept of TV stands has changed from being a necessary requirement to a style statement. Whether you are planning to replace your existing TV stand or buy a new one for the first time, you will need to do some research before stepping into the furniture market.

You can visit the nearest market in your area to get an idea, but that will only give you limited available options. Therefore we recommend you to shop online. You know that sky's the limit, and the internet is that sky. You can find millions of options and ideas for all modern tv stands, fitting your needs and pocket. Also, you get to find a modern, sleek tv stand that goes best with your interior style. Better if you take advice from an interior or electronics expert before finalizing any stand.

To save your time and find you the best deals, We,homelist, welcome you to browse through all modern tv stands starting from $789 and pick the best new partner for your TV.

How Do I Choose a TV Stand?


Whether you visit an online shop or go to the markets, you will find hundreds of stylish modern tv stands to choose from. However, it is not only the style or the beauty that is considered, but other factors such as size, strength, and functionality also count in. A suitable modern minimalist tv stand becomes the center of everyone’s attraction when perfectly put in place.

There are also some specifications when choosing a modern bedroom tv stand, which we are going to discuss next.

How to Choose the Right TV Stand


While buying a good TV screen for your home, you get into every little detail of it. The same should be done when choosing a suitable TV stand. But what kind of details should be considered?

The first thing is to know the size of your TV. It is better to measure and check the dimensions of your TV to bring home a TV stand that is perfect for your TV screen.

What Size TV Stand for an 85-Inch TV


For an 85 inch TV screen, we recommend you get a TV stand of at least 90 inches. This size TV stand will give you a high-class watching experience.

What Size TV Stand for a 75-Inch TV


A TV stand of 80 inches will do best for your 75 inch TV screen. The recommended TV viewing distance for a 75-inch TV is 108 inches from the screen.

How Big Should My TV Stand Be?


The answer to this question depends upon the size of your room or the space where you want to place your TV screen. Also, as said earlier, the TV stand should be big enough to match the dimensions of your TV screen. For small screens and small rooms, you will go for a small modern tv stand. But if you have a large living area or a happening bedroom, then your new and modern sleek tv stand should be bigger enough to justify the spaces.

How Deep Should My TV Stand Be?


The depth of the TV stand is what most people do not give attention to. But for a healthy TV watching experience, the depth of the TV stand matters a lot. If your seating arrangement in front of your TV is not too deep, then you should avoid purchasing a deep or tall modern tv stand.

How Wide Should My TV Stand Be?

The width is also another factor that needs to be considered carefully while opting for a TV stand. Since today’s TV screens are slim to ultra-slim in design, the wide TV stand will only occupy space unnecessarily. However, if you wish to have a modern tv stand with storage, then a wider one is acceptable.

How to Decorate a TV Stand?

Many people think of this task as very easy because, according to them, it is just about placing the TV screen over the stand. But to achieve a high-class decoration in your room is not as simple as it seems. The interior style followed in your room will tell you how to decorate a TV stand. Even if you have not adopted a particular decor style, you still have many ways to do the task according to your choice. Also, it depends on whose room the TV and stand are placed in because the person who will be watching the TV, will have a straight eye on the stand. So the decoration should also be aligned with their interests.

To simplify, here are a few of the best ideas to make the TV stand grab all the attention from the TV screen:

1) The Cleaner, the Better!

Since it is a place that will be under the eyes every time, it is important to keep it neat and tidy. Dust off it regularly with a cloth or brush to keep it always fresh and welcoming. A cleaned TV stand already achieves half of the decoration goal.

2) Match with the Composition

Before going for the decoration, look at the composition of the stand. If you have bought a black modern tv stand, try to complement it with lighter and smoother items. The color scheme should go in flow with the composition and structure of the stand. All the decorative items should add beauty to the composition of the TV stand.

3) Play with the shapes and patterns

Unlike the old ages, when the TV stand used to be a table with four legs, Modern tv stand designs come in infinite shapes and patterns. It gives you a brilliant opportunity to try and experiment with different things on your TV stand. If the stand has curves in it, get your hands on decorative pieces with beautiful curves.

4) Place a statement Item

This is something that will give you all the points for your efforts. A good statement piece on the TV stand not only draws people’s attention but also speaks for your expertise as well. The statement item can be anything unique and flawless. It can be an art piece, a very decent painting, or a display item. You can also use the table lamps or books to make a statement.

5) Avoid Clutter

After you have the elite ideas of decorating a TV stand, it is necessary to make one thing clear that might take all your struggle in vain. Do not clutter things on the TV stand. It leaves an impression of a messy room. The things should be fewer in number, organized in a manner, and placed intelligently to maintain the decoration idea.

How to Decorate Around a TV Stand?

Once you start learning how to decorate a TV stand, doing the same thing around the stand gets easier. You start coming up with ideas for decorating the vicinity of the TV stand according to your needs and choices. You can place book racks on both sides of the stand, or you can add a few indoor plants to bring a natural essence to the space. Also, you can build storage cabinets of the same shape and structure as the TV stand.

Should Your Coffee Table Match a TV Stand?


Well, the answer can be ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. If you have adopted the traditional, transitional, bohemian, or even the mid-century interior design style, then you can freely match the TV stand with the central coffee table. However, if the interior design style followed in your space is modern, eclectic, contemporary, or minimalist, then you do not need to match the TV stand with the coffee table. You can try other colors or designs while staying with the theme.

Brand Statement "Modern Living Room TV Stand”


Conclusively, it was all that you needed to know when planning to buy a TV stand for your home. So, now you know that there are many important considerations beyond aesthetics and style when going for a TV stand.

You need to consider how much space you have within your room and how large your TV screen is. Then you also need to think about the dimensions of your new TV stand and then finally, how to put it in the style so that every guest praises the TV stand more than the TV itself.

If you also want to make your home theatre experience exciting, visit us at to get your hands on the right TV stand.

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