Vanity mirror table lamp

1000 In stock
Main material 
 ABS + hardware
Power  6W
Battery capacity 4000 Ma
Charging time:  4-5 hours
Discharge duration: 6-8 hours


  • 1. On key: long press the on key, the main light is on, the state is 50% brightness and the color temperature is 4000K; Gently touch the start button to switch the color temperature. Each time you touch the on key, the color temperature will be cycled according to the sequence of neutral light (4000K) → white light (5000K) → warm light (3000K). When the light is on, press the on key for a long time, the light will go out and turn off, with Shutdown memory function.

. Brightness adjustment knob:
    1.   ① Press the key to switch RGB atmosphere mode: in the startup state, press the brightness knob key, the main light will be turned off and enter the color light atmosphere mode. Press the brightness knob every time to switch the color light atmosphere. There are five modes: orange red, blue purple, light pink, cyan and magenta. Switch according to five modes. Press the on key in the atmosphere mode to return to the main light, Atmosphere mode off; Press and hold the brightness knob, RGB will enter the magic color gradient state, and keep the current color state after releasing;

    2. ② Stepless dimming of the knob: rotate clockwise to increase the brightness and counterclockwise to reduce the brightness. The adjustable range of brightness is 5% ~ 100%. It only supports the brightness adjustment of the main lamp.

    3. ③ Induction switch: when the light is on, press the brightness adjustment button twice continuously, the light flashes once and remains on, which is the normal on mode. If the light flashes twice and remains off (the lamp can be operated normally after the induction trigger is on), This is the sensing mode.
    4. ④ Charging indicator: in the charging state, the red light flashes in a breathing manner, and the green light remains on after the battery is fully charged.
    5. ⑤ Low battery mode: in the low battery state, the red charging indicator flashes, the brightness of the whole lamp decreases, and the lamp goes out and turns off 2 minutes after the low battery prompt.  

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Vanity mirror table lamp
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