The Best Modern TV Stands to Spruce Up Your Living Room

Have you been looking for the best modern TV stands to spruce up your living room? In many cases, modern TV stands can offer an excellent aesthetic for your home, and this could make them excellent options to consider if you’ve been looking for a way to enhance your property’s aesthetic overall.

With this in mind, today, our team here at Homelist is on hand to help you find out more about buying top-quality TV stands and what this might offer for your own home. Visit our website at to find out more, or read on to see how the best TV stands could help spruce up your living room space.

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The Main Types of TV Stands

Before looking at the best TV stands to spruce up your living room, we should start by considering the most common types of TV stands.There are many types of TV stands.mounted and regular modern tv stands are two common models.

Of course, in this day and age, TV stands come in all manner of styles, designs, shapes, and the like. This could play a significant impact on the ideal choice of TV stand for your home overall. However, you should also consider the main types of TV stands, and these may include the following options:

  • Open shelving
  • Console
  • Stands with audio towers
  • Hutch-style stands or enclosed cabinets
  • Swivel stands
  • Floating stands
  • Entertainment center stands
  • TV stands with mounts

These are all common stand designs that you may want to consider purchases as part of your decision. Of course, each variety offers unique benefits and drawbacks, and there’s no single modern TV stands design that’s absolutely better or worse than others.

However, to ensure you’ve chosen a suitable option, it’s crucial that you consider the above options carefully. Hopefully, by doing so, you’ll be able to find a TV stands design that’s both aesthetically pleasing, practical, and valuable overall.

What to Look For When Purchasing Modern TV Stands

At this point, we’ve considered the different types of TV stands you may want to consider - but what should you look for when purchasing a modern TV stand? While there’s no definitive list of all the things you should ideally look for when choosing TV stands for your 65 or 70 inch TV, the following factors may be a good starting place.


When looking for an excellent new TV stand, one of the first things you should undeniably consider is the design. Indeed, TV stands come in all shapes, sizes, and designs which may make them more or less suitable for your own TV unit. Naturally, some designs will be more luxurious or more basic than others; when buying a new TV stand, you should carefully consider this to determine which option might be the best fit for your living room specifically. For example, if your living room has largely retro themes, ornate and classic TV stands probably wouldn’t be ideal for your 65 inch or 70 inch TV.


The two most common types of TV stands are traditional and modern. Contemporary modern TV stands are usually more clean-cut and simple in their design, with a neater final finish that can easily tie into any home design. Contrastingly, traditional TV stands are usually much bolder and more glamorous, with a focus on intricate and decorative designs that capture the eye and the imagination. Traditional TV stands are all about a luxurious, expensive, and detailed look.

What Material Should You Choose?

When looking for a premium quality TV stand, one factor that’s essential to consider is the type of material. Indeed, TV stands come in a wide variety of potential materials. For example, one common trend is to use glass surfaces for the stand, which offers a wonderful modern look. Alternatively, other materials that your chosen TV stand could be made from may include a variety of metals, plastic, or woods such as beechwood, mahogany, and oak.Some people like wood TV stands that can feel the nature. If there are no children you can consider glass TV stands. Modern storage TV stands are becoming increasingly popular due to their simple design and perfect storage function.

Each of these materials naturally offers unique features that may make them more or less suitable for your home; for example, there’s something truly stunning in terms of aesthetic appeal with a mahogany table, but the practicality and value of a plastic table often can’t be beaten. As such, when deciding to target a certain material for your new TV tables, always do a little research to ensure it offers a good solution for your needs.

The Many Different Designs of Modern TV Tables

Modern TV tables, perhaps unsurprisingly, come in a wide array of different styles and designs. For example, some TV stands follow a simple table design; meanwhile, others may be designed like a chest of drawers or with storage shelves. Most contemporary, modern TV stands are more like the latter with shelves below the main TV platform, allowing you to store any necessary possessions relating to the TV (such as controllers, DVDs, and the like). Some TV stands are even designed to be used underneath a wall-mounted TV, offering a unique aesthetic design and further appeal overall.

However, this undeniably varies from stand to stand, so make sure your chosen stand offers a suitable design for your own needs. This may also vary from room to room; for example, while today’s article primarily focuses on TV stands for your living room, you may be more tempted towards a chest of drawers style stand for your bedroom TV.

To learn more about the different designs of modern TV tables, pls view our collection of stunning Homelist small modern TV stands for your home.


Another significant factor you should consider when it comes to choosing a TV stand is adjustability. Indeed, while not always a feature in modern TV stands, some models are able to adjust, either in terms of height or width. This simple feature ensures that you can quickly and easily find a TV stand design that’s suitable for your TV. After all, since TVs are often so highly variable in size, finding a stand that’s the perfect fit immediately can be a challenge. Nevertheless, with adjustable stands, it’s possible to find a design you absolutely love without having to worry too much about whether it’ll fit the TV.

Cord Management

In order to work as normal, your TV needs to be plugged into the aerial, power supply, and the like. Of course, this can leave numerous different wires and cords coming out of the back of your TV, and these can easily become messy and tangled up. Fortunately, with a suitable choice of TV stand for your living room, you can much more easily control these cords and wires, thereby ensuring that you get the best results for your home.

Of course, this can help keep your home looking far neater overall; what’s more, when you choose a TV stand that offers excellent cord management, it also helps keep things safe rather than having the risk of tripping over loose cords. However, not all TV stands necessarily have cord management features in place, so you should always consider this carefully to choose a suitable stand for your needs.

TV Compatibility

Do your chosen modern TV stands match your 65 inch or 70 inch TV? Before buying any TV stand, you should always check that the stands are compatible with your model of TV - because, in many cases, they might not be.

Of course, this can be incredibly frustrating when it comes to setting up your new TV stands, only to find they don’t quite fit the TV. Perhaps the TV overhangs the edges of the stand; alternatively, you might find the TV stands you’ve chosen aren’t stable enough for your model of TV. These are all very real concerns, and should always be addressed before deciding how to proceed.


As a final vital point to consider, you should always take into account your budget and how this might impact the final decision. Indeed, budget is often a tricky factor, since everyone’s budget is different - and you should never choose a table based solely on price alone. However, while you shouldn’t decide solely on budget, it’s always important to consider your budget to ensure you don’t end up spending too much.

When buying TV stands, a suitable budget should be one that:

  • Is affordable for you and won’t break the bank
  • Allows you plenty of choice for a top-quality TV stand
  • Is suitable to afford a high-quality, durable TV stand model

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been looking for top-quality modern TV stands for your 65 or 70 inch TV, there are fortunately plenty of options to choose between. However, to ensure you’ve picked the optimal solution for your home, it’s vital you’ve considered today’s top tips to help. After all, there are countless different modern TV stands on the market these days that you could target as part of your decision, but to choose the ideal TV stands design, you need to narrow these down to just one or two varieties. Fortunately, though, this doesn’t have to be a major challenge; with a little time, you can easily find those stunning modern TV stands with a brand such as ours here at Homelist that meets your every need!

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