Best Coffee Tables You Can Buy in 2022

Coffee tables, by name, sound like a piece of furniture used to keep a tray of coffee on. But let us tell you the coffee tables are much more than that. After achieving the proper functionality, the first thing that counts is the design of the table.

Yes, a design that complements your space needs to be pulled in.Now multiple types of coffee tables, replacing those stone-age center tables, have become a design statement of our homes’ interior decors.

After all, the coffee table is the first thing your guests notice after settling down.

Make this piece of furniture your true ambassador of style and status.

The Function of Coffee Table

Imagine you are visiting a friend, settled in the living room, and suddenly you realize there is no center table. What will you do? You might travel to the other corner of the room to keep back the coffee mug. Sounds uncomfortable? Yes, that’s why we need the coffee tables in our sitting areas.

A coffee table typically serves the purpose of conveniently serving coffee, tea, or snacks to our guests. It is designed in such a way that the table level matches the seating level of the sofas or chairs placed around. The coffee table serves various other purposes as well. A few are discussed below:

  • It is Very Practical

    As exemplified above, life can be very difficult without a coffee table. Hence, the practicality of a coffee table can not be ignored.

  • It Brings Life to the Room

    Other than functionality, a great sleek design coffee table will make your room look alive and complete the essence of the decor style.

  • It Covers the Empty Space
  • No matter how expensive things you pull inside your home, if they are not placed correctly, you will not get the true feeling of your decor. Also, the wrong placement disturbs the functionality of the room space, and a center coffee table solves all such problems.

If you want all these three qualities in one table, you must consider this lovely Modern Minimalist Rectangular Marble Coffee Table from Homelist at an affordable price.

white mabel coffee table


Features of Coffee Tables

Forget about the old heavy piece of furniture lying dead in the center of your room, serving nothing holding a few books and teacups. The contemporary world of home interiors has rejected those tables long ago.

Go to the market and bring a new furniture guest to your home. But before you leave, here are some features of coffee tables that you must know about. Keep reading!

A coffee table can be categorized according to four elements; Shape, Material, Dimension, and Price. Let us discuss each of them one by one!

Shapes of Coffee Table

The shape is how anything appears. Since, after functionality, our primary focus is on the appearance of our selected furniture; therefore the shape of the coffee table counts the most. The shape can be;


A round coffee table can be both a signature style and a practical piece of furniture for your living or guest room. Its glossy finish offers the room a round of beauty and can be a lovely addition to your royal sofas or elegant chairs. The round coffee table can uplift the aesthetics of any small area.

round coffee table


Coming from the late Victorian era of  Britain, the square coffee table has never lost its charm. Whether you want something modern for your living room or a beautiful traditional table for the guest room, a square coffee table will suit every place. Today more stylish options are available in the market with greater space-saving availability.

luxury coffee table

Material of Coffee Tables

When it comes to home decor, the choice of materials goes limitless. The coffee tables are being made of what not today; stone, marble, wood, glass, and metal.

 Stone Coffee Tables

Don’t bother going elsewhere if you get a stone coffee table for your TV lounge. A stone coffee table not only adds a feeling of elegance and refinement to any room or indoor space. Interior designers are taking stone coffee tables as the center of attraction of living rooms.

 Marble Coffee Tables

Where there is stone, there is a marble. If you don’t like stone, you can choose the marble coffee table, which is budget-friendly and gives a high-end look to your room. It is perfect for homes with pets or kids who love staining the furniture. This scratch and stain-resistant coffee table is a shinny chic lying in front of the sofas.

 Wood Coffee Tables

Warm, versatile, rich, and timeless are a few words for wooden coffee tables. The best advantage of a wooden table is you can get any shape, size, or style of the coffee table and compliment it with your sofa or lounge chair seating arrangements.

 Metal Coffee Tables

With a simple and clean design, a metal coffee table can speak of its beauty itself when placed in the center of a room or hall. The striking finish best complimenting mid-century modern design, this piece of metallic furniture creates an airy float-like feel to any living space.


As far as the price is concerned, the sky is the limit. The trends of interior design are changing rapidly every day. How costly or affordable a coffee table depends upon various factors such as its size, shape, and material of it.


Just like price, dimensions are also subjective to various factors like size and spacing available in your room. It also depends upon your requirements.

How to Choose the Best Coffee Table

You might not be an experienced interior designer to match and mismatch everything perfectly. But you must have a certain taste of design that you like for yourself and your home.

While buying a coffee table, however, you should not rely on your style preferences only. Many other considerations count in as well. What are those considerations? Let me list them down for you so that you know what to look for when you step inside a furniture shop!

 Functionality Comes First

Of course! You will not buy something that is very beautiful but of no use. Be reminded of your needs while purchasing a coffee table, and make sure that it meets all your requirements.

 Material is a Must-Check

You don’t go shopping for furniture every month like groceries. Hence, select something durable, high-quality, and convenient for your use.

 The Right Thing Comes with the Right Measurement

Imagine you ended up buying something that doesn’t fit your available space! To save yourself from such a blunder, the better idea is to take the measurements of the space where you will be placing the coffee table.

 Keep the Space Design in Mind

Now comes the point that excites everyone; the design of the coffee table. At this point, you are free to choose whatever feels good to you. Let the designer come out of you and choose the item that would best complement your room’s overall look and design. If you are confused about it, you can take advice from a professional designer to save you all the money you are putting in.

 Shape, Color, and Texture are a Big Plus

While looking for designs of the coffee table, you can narrow down your choices with the shapes, colors, and textures. These three elements help you make an informed decision. If you have a traditional look of your room, you may choose something with a bold texture. If your room is painted with pastel colors, try some cool but vibrant colors of your little center furniture.

Having said that, if you feel you have understood the whole science behind buying a coffee table, visit  here to find what you love; because we have covered everything for you!

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